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Contact us now for a FREE installation of our 2GIG Home Alarm System!  










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  1. 2GIG 2GIG-PAD1-345

    2GIG-PAD1-345 - 2GIG Wireless Keypad


    The 2GIG 2GIG-PAD1-345 Wireless Keypad is designed specifically for adding an extra keypad to manage your 2GIG wireless alarm system. The 2GIG-PAD1-345 is a completely wireless keypad that allows you to arm or disarm your 2GIG system, set it in Stay or Away mode, or activate Fire and Panic alarms. The 2GIG 2GIG-PAD1-345 Wireless Keypad includes (4) Phillip’s head screws, four (4) plastic wall anchors, and (2) Lithium coin batteries with a 5 year life span. Learn More
  2. 2GIG Z-Wave Programmable Thermostat

    2GIG Z-Wave Programmable Thermostat


    The 2GIG 2GIG-Z-CT100 Z-Wave Programmable Thermostat is a great add-on to your 2GIG Wireless Alarm System.  It makes energy management easy with complete integration to your Go!Control Wireless Panel.  The 2GIG-Z-CT100 Thermostat can be used with nearly any HVAC system and does not require a common wire for power.

    The 2GIG 2GIG-Z-CT100 Thermostat has a 2 year battery life and features 4 stage heat, auto-mode, improved Z-Wave range, and a bright display with touch screen.  The 2GIG-Z-CT100 is simple to install and will completely enhance your 2GIG experience!


    The 2GIG-Z-CT100 will work with 2GIG panels running any firmware version; however, for full feature support (i.e., enhanced user experience through Z-Wave Association reports) firmware version 1.9 or later is required.  If a CT100 is added to a system before upgrading panel to version 1.9, it will be necessary to un-learn and re-learn the CT100 after the upgrade to take advantage of additional features.

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  3. Silver

    Keychain Kubotans-(Yawara)Self Defense Weapon


    Kubotans are highly accessible, extremely durable, and very effective self defense weapons. They can be used for stabilizing your fist, applying pressure to sensitive parts of an assailant's body, swinging at, or gaining leverage on an assailant's wrist or fingers. A kubotan is made of high density aluminum and comes in four different colors. They measure about 5 1/2" long, about 1/2" in diameter, and weight about 4 ounces. Kubotans have either pointed or flat tips. Attach your kubotan to your keychain so you always have it with you. 

    The Kubotan (also referred to as the Yawara) is designed to be used against bony surfaces, soft tissue and nerve points. It is effective because of the temporary paralysis or extreme pain it causes. Especially for those without experience in a martial art, the Kubotan provides an inexpensive and easily learned method of self defense. Comes with the key ring so you can attach to your regular keychain. Very popular martial arts weapon. - 

    Highly Effective Self Defense Stick in the Palm of Your Hand! 

    It is not necessary to waste time or miss an opportunity by trying to be overly precise. It's better to react naturally. Good targets are the groin, stomach, solar plexus, throat, eyes, the arm, the shin, hip bone, collarbone, ankle, and kneecap. A sharp strike to a bony part of the body will encourage an assailant to stop his attack. A harder, well placed blow can easily break bones--especially if the force of the blow is not hindered by clothing. The most basic applications involve striking or poking vulnerable areas of the body with the Kubotan. Generally speaking, swinging strikes work better against bony surfaces while fleshy areas are more susceptible to pokes and jabs with the ends of the Kubotan. There is no wrong strike! Just hit as hard as you can the closest body part. With this concept in mind, a person avoids the confusion and frustration of trying to remember specific strikes for specific targets. Instead, one simply remembers to strike bones and poke soft tissue and pressure points. The strike does not have to be perfect. Since nerves are close to the surface of most bony parts, even a glancing blow will inflict enough pain to make your assailant think twice about continuing his attack. You can also use the keys that you have attached to the kuboton. You can hold the kuboton and swing the keys. Most effective when you hit the face since there is a higher probability of drawing blood. The keys will scrape into the flesh and cause pain and bleeding. We have a keychain knife based on this principle. Don't be squeamish! Do you think they care about you at all? The kuboton is legal and entirely unregulated. To most people, the Kubotan is little more than a nondescript key ring. While the Kubotan is not particularly intimidating, it remains an effective self defense instrument. It really can save your life. 

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  4. Mace Pepper Gel- Super HOT, pepper formula-sticks like glue

    Mace Pepper Gel- Super HOT, pepper formula-sticks like glue


    The pepper gel slimes the attacker so they can not easily wipe it off. The strong, super hot, pepper formula melts into their pores and getting into their eyes and nasal passageway. Learn More
  5. Fully Functional Air Purifier with Hidden Camera-FREE 8GB SD-CARD Included

    Fully Functional Air Purifier with Hidden Camera-FREE 8GB SD-CARD Included


    This hidden camera features motion-activated recording that starts as soon as motion is detected. With motion-activation, you won't have to fast forward through hours of uneventful recording. This hidden camera features Motion Detection Area Masking, so your pet won't set off the recording. •HC-ARFSH-DVR Color Camera With Built-In DVR FREE 8GB SD-CARD Included Air Purifier is fully functional. - Learn More
  6. Exit Sign Hidden Camera

    Exit Sign Hidden Camera


    Exit Sign Hidden Camera the exit sign hidden camera plugs into the wall (so you need a plug located somewhere nearby) to power the exit sign, DVR and the camera. The next morning, when you come into the office, you can view your recordings by using the included RCA cable to connect to your TV or computer or insert the included 8GB SD card into your computer. Learn More
  7. Plant Pot Diversion Safe

    Plant Pot Diversion Safe


    This plant pot diversion safe can be placed just about anywhere around your home.


    Inside the plant pot is a sealed diversion safe container that you can hide things in. Just unscrew the container, place your valuables inside and screw it back on. plant pot Diversion Safe You can then plant a regular plant or flower or use an artificial plant so that its easier to get to your hidden items. Plants are very common in homes or outside and a burglar wouldn't think to look for things inside a plant pot. Makes an excellent diversion safe for storing your most valued items. -

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  8. Book Safe Inside

    Hollowed out Hidden Book Safe~ It's a REAL book


    One of our most popular diversion safes, this hidden book safe has it's center hollowed out so you can hide your valuables.

    The velvety interior that lines the hollowed out portion will protect whatever you decide to put inside. Although not the most spacious hiding spot, the book safe does provide adequate space for most treasured items including credit cards and personal papers you would need to keep safe and hidden. - See more at:

    The inside dimensions are: Length: 6 3/4" x Width: 3 3/4" x Depth: 1". -

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  9. 2gig-311

    2GIG-GCKIT311 - 2GIG Go!Control Wireless Alarm & Automation Kit

    Regular Price: $330.00

    Special Price $265.00

    The 2GIG 2GIG-GCKIT311 Go!Control Wireless Alarm & Automation Kit features cutting edge wireless technology, a color touch screen display, built-in home automation, and all the accessories needed for a complete and effective solution. The 2GIG-GCKIT311 is a plug and play kit designed to effectively secure your home or business.  It also includes a built in Z-Wave radio that enables various home automation functions including: HVAC, Appliance Control, Lighting, and Lock Control.

    The 2GIG-GCKIT311 system is completely wireless which means the installation is fast and easy!  The 2GIG 2GIG-GCKIT311 Go!Control Wireless Alarm Kit Includes: (1) Go!Control Panel, (1) PIR Motion Detector, (1) 4-button Key Ring Remote, and (3) Door/Window Contacts

    The 2GIG 2GIG-GCKIT311 Control Panel Features:

    Full Voice Response:

    The panel gives clear noti?cations that indicate system status, zone descriptions, alarms, and emergencies.

    Date, Time, and Weather Display:

    With a touch, scroll through the date, time, and daily weather forecast. Has the ability to receive messages, including severe weather warnings.

    Quick Access:

    The one touch access buttons allow the quickest help possible in an emergency. The panel’s LED lit buttons indicate the system’s status.

    User-Friendly LCD Touch Screen:

    The easy-to-use color touch screen puts a wide range of security and home automation controls at your ?ngertips.

    Multiple Arming Options:

    Secure your home by arming your system “AWAY” or “STAY.” The Quick Arm/Exit and Bypass features offer added convenience.

    Home Automation:

    The built in Z-Wave radio enables various home automation functions including: HVAC, Appliances, Lighting, and Lock Control.

    Two-Way Response Over Cellular:

    Two-way voice lets central station operators listen in and talk to you when a signal is received, ensuring that the proper emergency response personnel will be dispatched if necessary.


    The fully self-contained panel contains a backup battery, and allows 32 user codes to monitor up to 48 wireless zones and 2 wired zones.

    Over-The-Air Updates:

    There’s no need to worry about the panel’s software becoming outdated. With our Over-the-Air function, the panel can be remotely updated with the latest software.

    Remote Control Options:

    Always be in control by remotely managing your system from a computer or web-enabled mobile phone (iPhone, Android, etc,).

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  10. 2 gig panic

    2GIG-PANIC1-345 - 2GIG Panic Button Remote


    The 2GIG 2GIG-PANIC1-345 Panic Button Remote was designed to transmit an emergency signal from any location within the range of the 2GIG alarm system. Signals from the 2GIG-PANIC1-345 button will be transmitted whether the system is armed or disarmed.

    The 2GIG-PANIC1-345 is small and lightweight enough to be placed in a shirt pocket or tucked away inside a purse. It can also be used with the supplied wristband, lanyard, car-visor clip, or belt clip. It can also be permanently mounted to a convenient location.

    To activate, press and hold the button for approximately 2 seconds. The LED located on the top of the 2GIG-PANIC1-345 will light up for approximately 1 second to confirm a signal has been sent.

    The 2GIG 2GIG-PANIC1-345 Panic Button Remote Includes: lanyard, wristband, belt clip, multi-functional clip, and wall mount

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