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Legal Notices

Who can buy from this website
Adults with an interest in self defense, personal or home protection and related subjects can make purchases from this website. We do not sell to minors! not warrant that a person may legally purchase, possess, or use specified items offered on this website according to federal, state or local laws. assume no responsibility for any illegal use of it's products and reserves the right to refuse service/sale to anyone. By placing an order, the buyer represents that he/she is of legal age, and will use all products lawfully according to federal, state or local laws. 

Pepper Spray Restrictions
Pepper Spray cannot be shipped to NY, MA, HI or AK or outside the USA. 
MA residents need an FID card to order pepper spray. 
Yes we can ship pepper spray to MA if you fax a copy of your current FID card to us at 901-881-0842.
You can find the application for a MA FOID here: MA Foid Info 
Sorry pepper spray products cannot be shipped to APO addresses.

Stun Gun Restrictions
We do not ship stun guns or tasers to DC, NY, IN, HI, MA, MI, NJ, RI or outside the USA. Also we cannot ship stun guns to Chicago, IL.,Baltimore or Annapolis, MD.,Baltimore and Howard counties, MD.,Denison, IA.,D.C. and Philadelphia, PA.
In Illinois you must have a Firearms ID card to possess a taser or stun gun. We can ship a stun gun to IL if you fax your current FID card to us at 901-881-0842. In Wisconsin, a concealed carry permit is required to purchase a taser or stun gun. Please email a copy to us with your order. For more information on IL. FID go here:IL FID 
It's at least a misdemeanor and sometimes a felony to sell, possess or use a stun gun in these locales. 
Sorry these products cannot be shipped to APO addresses.

You the consumer are responsible for knowing and observing the laws in your location regarding these products. We restrict our sales in areas we know its illegal to possess or use these products or the law expressly prohibits us from selling the item in that area. This policy does not preclude your responsibility to know and abide by the laws in your location. We do not provide legal advice so please do not ask us if something is legal in your area, we cannot respond to such a request.

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